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Littlebits in Australia - About Us

This website is brain powered by Core Electronics. We first discovered littleBits while working together with a local school developing a course for electronics. Needless to say, littleBits was the perfect fit for that project and we were that impressed by the products and support that we've created a dedicated site for littleBits!

We've been in operation since 2007 and are official resellers for littleBits. That means we'll walk you through the products and offer in-country warranty.

All orders ship direct from our warehouse in Newcastle, Australia. You'll likely cross paths with our friendly team; Peta (warehouse guru), Louise (accounts and sales), Trent (product support), Srini (website development) and me, Graham (a little bit of everything).

Questions, queries? Please contact us today and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



Graham Mitchell
Founder of Core Electronics