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The "Project" is what compels makers to learn, design and create! We're all about electronics projects here at Core Electronics and have made it as easy as possible for other makers to share their projects with us and the broader community. Every project listed here was built by our community of electronics enthusiasts and include desk gadgets, practical solutions for around the home, or widgets built for no other reason than "just because” (often the most fun kind of project!)

Share your project today and get rewarded with a minimum $50 store credit. Yep, you read right!

FYI, the projects module is brand new, even more reason to get involved and share your project as we'd love to see a wall of great builds below!

  • Wands are cool, right? That's what Trinity, Adele, and April were thinking of our recent littleBits Workshop, down at the Core Electronics Knowledge Factory. Their inspiration for this project came straight from the films, in particular, the magic wands that Harry and co use throughout the Saga. They went a bit above a typical wand though, using a pressure sensor alongside a fan, buzzer, and bar graph to make their wand light up
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  • Remote Controls are magical enough to recreate this awesome Death Eater Skull. You can switch it on from across the room and make it glow an evil green! Jake and Nathan built this invention at a littleBits Workshop down at the Core Electronics Knowledge Factory. At first, they tweaked an RGB LED Bit to be the perfect green and after some additions and problem solving they ended up with this remotely controlled Skull lamp. Just a
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